Soldier Settlement Board

Veterans returning from World War one were awarded surface title land rights under the Soldier Settlement Board (SSB) in 1917. Mineral rights for SSB lands were administered by the Government of Canada. In 2001, Alberta Justice filed a Statement of Claim on behalf of Alberta Energy for the SSB minerals and revenues earned by Canada on those minerals since October 1, 1930, the effective date of the Natural Resources Transfer Act (NRTA). The agreement between Alberta and Natural Resources Canada was settled on April 1, 2010, the Settlement Agreement provides to Alberta:

  • the transfer and control of 265 other federally-owned mineral titles and 7 associated mineral leases;
  • the transfer and control of 212 SSB mineral titles and 89 associated mineral leases; and
  • a cash settlement of approximately $31.5 million.

In 2010 and 2011 disposition holders were sent a letter from Natural Resources Canada advising them of the change in ownership. The letter contained details about the transfer and provided contact information at Alberta Energy so that disposition holders could replace their federal (NRCan) lease with a standard Alberta Petroleum and Natural Gas (P&NG) lease agreement. The department will be responsible for administering the current federal disposition. The SSB and HMQC lands that were not subject to a federal disposition were posted through the public offering process on June 2, 2010, requests were made for the September 29, 2010 public offering.

Direct purchase of SSB or HMQC lands is possible if you qualify under the requirements AND if the parcel meets the conditions for a portion of land direct purchase. The applicant must control the freehold rights in the balance of the spacing unit and the former SSB or HMQC lands must be less than 50% of the smallest applicable spacing unit for the land. If the parcel does not qualify, the rights may be posted in the first available public offering.

If you want to convert your Federal SSB leases, you will not be required to compete at a land sale.  However, you will be required to submit an application for a Direct Purchase via our ETS system for the rights held under your Federal SSB lease. If you have a producing well you are not required to suspend your well. An approval under 54(5) of the Mines and Minerals ActExternal link iconis granted to allow you to continue operations.

Agreement Types 

Administrative Differences

 No change

  • Pay Renewal and Transfer fees ($25 transfer fee for each lease) 
  • Cannot do business via the Electronic Transfer System (ETS)
  • No severance of mineral rights
  • Maintain two types of agreements (Federal vs AB P& NG Agreements)
  • No Reinstatement provision upon cancellation of agreements
  • SSB leases, identified by Agreement type 041, rentals are included on the monthly statement process 
  • purchase of complementing rights of undisposed Crown Petroleum or Natural Gas rights will be allowed where available
  • If you have questions about the administration of your federal lease, you can call Kerry-Lynne Kryvenchuk Tenure Branch 780-644-4817.
 AB P&NG Agreement
  • Consistency in administration
  • No Fee for Continuation and Transfer
  • Rental is lower amount of $3.50p/ha
  • Can do business via the Electronic Transfer System (ETS)
  • Severance of shallow and deeper mineral rights will apply upon agreement expiry
  • Reinstatement provisions apply with payment of $5000.00 where applicable
  • Consolidation is possible if the SSB or HMQC lands are in the same spacing unit of an existing Alberta P&NG lease 

Information Bulletin 2010-01external link icon

Map - SSB and HMQC mineral parcelsexternal link iconSSB mineral titlesPDF iconMonarchy of Canada mineral titlesPDF icon
HMQC lands are non-SSB mineral rights owned and administered by Canada.

Lease holders have the option to choose to continue with the federal lease or move to an Alberta lease. The Alberta lease is subject to the current oil royalty formulae and will be payable in kind. The federal lease calculation will be made according to the lease agreement until the lease expires but royalties will be paid in cash to the Government of Alberta. It is the responsibility of the lease holder to determine which lease to select. Note: Once an Alberta lease is issued, it is not possible to switch back to a federal Lease.



 Excel icon   Gas Remittance Form

This form must be completed for gas royalties, it must be accompanied by payment must be submitted before the 25th day of the month following the production month to which it applies. Email the Gas SSG number.

 Excel icon   Oil Remittance Form 

Oil royalties and payment are required to be completed and remitted no later than the 25th day of the month following the production month to which it applies.

Oil SSO number, call Dennis Autur 780-638-1349
Please clearly identify the amount applicable to oil vs. gas if payment is made on one cheque. All Soldier Settlement Board payments for gas and oil wells should include the appropriate account number (SSG or SSO and Client ID) referenced on the remittance/invoice. The completion and submission of this form in conjunction with any payment(s) due to the Government of Alberta ensures that your SSB lease account is current, accurate, complete and congruent with the terms and conditions prescribed within each lease agreement.  A payment without the above completed form will be returned to the company/individual.

 Word icon PDF icon Transfer Form

Transfers of registered interest in a Federal SSB lease cannot be submitted electronically using the Electronic Transfer System (ETS). This transfer form is used to process the manual submission of a transfer for a Federal SSB lease.

 Word icon
PDF icon 
Transfer Transmittal Letter 

This letter accompanies the transfer form for a Federal SSB lease when a transfer is manually submitted. 


Renewing a SSB lease
Prior to expiry:

  1. Submit a letter requesting renewal and indicate what your renewal is based on (i.e. identify a specific well, a Unit Agreement, etc.)
  2. Supply data to support your application, similar to what you submit for a standard Alberta P&NG mineral agreement continuation application (i.e. production reports, technical mapping, etc.)  If renewal is based on a Unit Agreement, no data is required.

The rental and renewal fee does not need to be submitted with your renewal application. If the lease is renewed the department will request the rental and $25 renewal fee at that time.