Oil Guidelines

Alberta Modernized Royalty Framework Guidelines

​These guidelines, effective January 2017, provide an understanding of the general application and priciples involved in assessing the Drilling and Completion Cost Allowance (C*) and Alberta's Crown royalty share of crude oil, gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and non-project crude bitumen wells (the hydrocarbons) produced from lands under a Crown lease.

Alberta Modernized Royalty Framework Guidelines   

Alberta Petroleum Royalty Guidelines

​These Principles, Procedure and Appendices (guidelines) are issued to assist operators and participants in determining crude oil royalties. The guidelines interpret the relevant energy legislation (statutes and regulations) and  describe the principles involved in assessing Alberta's Crown royalty share of crude oil produced from lands under a Crown lease agreement.

Alberta Petroleum Royalty Guidelines 

Alberta Petroleum Marketing Guidelines

These guidelines under the Petroleum Marketing Regulation deal with the delivery and reporting of conventional Crown oil royalty. This legislation formalizes and further clarifies the business rules related to conventional oil royalty delivery in Alberta. Also included in the Regulation are provisions for penalties aimed at improving compliance by the energy industry with respect to conventional oil royalty delivery and reporting.

Alberta Petroleum Marketing Guidelines July, 2015 

Enhanced Oil Recovery Program Guidelines

Alberta is encouraging the use of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods to conserve the province's petroleum resource. EOR methods use fluid injection such as hydrocarbons, CO2, nitrogen or chemicals allowing additional recovery. To promote this recovery, the Crown has introduced the Enhanced Oil Recovery Program (EORP).

Enhanced Oil Recovery Program guidelines  August 2014

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) commissioned a study of the Enhanced Oil Recovery potential in Alberta from March 2011 to March 2012, see publications for the two part report.