Oil Sands Administrative and Strategic Information System (OASIS) project 2010-2013

The Oil Sands Administrative and Strategic Information System (OASIS) project was created to meet the anticipated growth of oil sands projects and provide the necessary information for the Oil Sands Division to manage and carry out its mandate.

Phase 1 of OASIS in February 2010 enabled oil sands project operators to create and submit OSR Project Applications online, through Energy's Electronic Transfer System (ETS).

The final phase of OASIS began February 1, 2013 since then all oil sands royalty submissions have been validated in OASIS. There was no change to the royalty regime, changes were with respect to the submission, validation and tracking of royalty and related information.  Oil Sands Operators will receive royalty information reports on their submissions and will also receive a monthly statement on their reporting activities.

OASIS Related Resources for Operators

For related Information Bulletins prior to the above dates, please see Oil Sands Information Bulletins

Information sessions and training sessions were held with Oil Sands Operators notification of sessions was posted online and included in Oil Sands Information Bulletins. The following files all in PDFPDF icon provide all the updates sent to industry by year, references of the related IB's are included.

Year   Related OASIS Information Bulletins * indicates information session  




The OASIS Compliant Royalty Templates must be used for all Project (OSR, CSR) royalty submissions, this process has been in place since February 2012.Project royalty reporting is submitted through the new ETS OASIS Royalty Reporting process. Please visit the Department’s ETS Site for details on gaining ETS access. An Online Learning Module on the ETS OASIS royalty submission process is also available (registration is required). See the OASIS Related Resources for Operators section on this page for the new reporting process and form validation rules.

The Non Project Well Royalty submission in ETS Oil Sands Royalty Reporting  was implemented in 2013.  CARE and Operator’s Forecast submissions in ETS Oil Sands Supplemental Reporting was implemented in 2016.