Oil Sands Royalties

These guidelines describe statutes and regulations, and communicate legislative policy governing oil sands royalties.
Here is information on monthly royalty rates, including some pre- and post-payout and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices.
This information can be used to calculate the bitumen value under the Bitumen Valuation Methodology (Ministerial) Regulation.

Interest payable to or from the Crown is based on the Alberta Treasury Branch’s prime lending rate plus 1% on the first day of the month.

This page provides rate-of-return statistics, including the long-term bond rate and non-arm’s length (NAL) transactions for non-basic pipelines.

This page offers information on remitting oil sands Crown royal payments and on account credit transfers.

This page offers reporting resources for operators and helpful hints by topic.

Department generated reports and the submission processing schedule are described to help operators manage the royalty reporting cycle.