Oil Sands Tenure Guidelines

The complete, unabridged guidelines to Oil Sands Tenure, provided in PDF format for easy viewing.

The Principles, Procedures and Appendices (collectively referred to as the Guidelines) interpret the relevant tenure legislation (statutes and regulations) and communicate policy with respect to application of the legislation. Application of the Oil Sands Tenure Regulation in specific situations may vary and implementation and practice of the regulation may change without amending the Guidelines.

Oil Sands Tenure Guidelines

Information Bulletin: IB-2009-11 updated August 14, 2009

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Chapter 1 - A Brief History (29 KB)
Chapter 2 - Acquiring Oil Sands Rights (48 KB)
Chapter 3 - Oil Sands Agreements (165 KB)
Chapter 4 - Evaluating Leases and Permits (49 KB)
Chapter 5 - Assessing Production (31 KB)
Chapter 6 - Escalating Rent (134 KB)

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Related Resources;

  • Lease and Permit - Ten days following the public offering, agreements documents are posted on the Electronic Transfer System (ETS). The designated representative for the agreement is responsible for picking up the documents electronically. Sample documents;
  • Escalating Rent - Non-producing continued leases are subject to payment of escalating rent. Escalating rent serves to promote the development of oil sands resources by charging additional rent for continued leases that are not being produced. Lessees cannot simply hold leases without producing.