Legislation and Policies

Acts and Regulations

Acts and regulations that affect the oil sands industry can be found here, with links to the official Alberta Queen's Printer website, where each complete document can be found. Read more

Information Letters

Information Letters are issued periodically by the Department of Energy to advise industry clients of changes in policy and pricing and to communicate changes to legislation and business rules. Read more

Information Bulletins

The purpose of an Information Bulletin is to notify industry regarding items such as proposed changes to legislation, regulations or operating procedures with the intent of soliciting feedback; new programs or changes to existing programs, projects, services, strategies or organizational structures; and industry participation in department initiatives. Read more

Gas Over Bitumen

Gas over bitumen is an issue unique to Alberta's bitumen producing regions. Bitumen and natural gas rights can be leased separately, resulting in a need for technical and regulatory solutions to maximize the recovery potential and minimize cost. Read more