About Oil Sands

What is Oil Sands?

A brief introduction to oil sands, what it is, and what it can do.   Read more

Oil Sands 101

Oil Sands 101 outlines the entire process, from applying for permits to producing bitumen to reclaiming the land afterwards. This is an excellent starting point to understand oil sands.   Read more


Alberta has made significant strides towards protecting our natural environment, from reduction of greenhouse gases to strict control of water use by industry. Click here for more information.   Read more

Facts and Statistics

 A wide variety of information is available about oil sands and the energy industry in Alberta, new information is added frequently, so come back often.   Read more


Having trouble remembering the difference between BDM and BVM? The Oil Sands Acronyms page has explanations for every acronym and abbreviation on the Oil Sands website.   Read more


The Oil Sands Glossary provides definitions for a large selection of terms that appear on the Oil Sands website and in Oil Sands-related forms and documents.   Read more

Oil Sands FAQs

Do you have specific questions about oil sands in Alberta? Chances are, someone has already asked. This section provides you with quick and easy answers to commonly asked questions related to oil sands.   Read more