Natural Gas Acts and Regulations

 The following Acts and Regulations are from the Alberta Queen's Printer website. A complete listing of Statutes (Acts) and Regulations are also available.

Gas Resources Preservation Act
This Act establishes a scheme of approvals administered by the Alberta Energy and the AER for authorization to remove natural gas from the province.

Gas Utilities Act
This Act governs the distribution of gas in Alberta by investor owned utilities.

Mines and Minerals Act
This Act governs the management and disposition of rights in Crown owned mines and minerals, including the levying and collecting of bonuses, rental and royalties. (Administration of portions of this Act are shared with Environment and Parks)

Natural Gas Marketing Act
This Act establishes a process for producers to approve or not approve the resale prices for gas that will form the basis for the price they receive for supplying the gas. It also provides authority to gather information required to establish some components in the calculation of Crown royalty.

Natural Gas Price Protection Act
This Act enables Cabinet to authorize rebates to eligible Albertans in accordance with regulations, where the Energy Minister is of the opinion that the Alberta price for gas is or is likely to be greater than a price prescribed by regulation.