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Documents in this section contain information about Alberta's electricity legislation, policies and markets.

Looking for information on how to set up a new account for electricity or natural gas service? Find your regulated rate provider at the Utilities Consumer AdvocateExternal link icon.

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These documents provide information about the Electricity industry in Alberta.

Electricity agencies and the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA)external link icon
Learn how electricity works in Alberta, it includes the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), the Balancing Pool, Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) and the UCA.

Electricity Systemexternal link icon
A schematic showing how generation, transmission, distribution and retail work in Alberta.

Micro-Generationexternal link icon
Alberta’s Micro-generation Regulation allows electricity customers to generate their own environmentally friendly electricity. (December 2013)

Reading Your Billexternal link icon
The sample bill below represents an average monthly electricity bill for a single family home. Your energy bill may be higher or lower, depending on the size of your home. One single bill includes charges from your electricity retailer (who you purchase electricity from) and the company that delivers the electricity to your home. (December 2014)

Renewable Electricity Programexternal link icon
Details about the made-in-Alberta program to increase large scale renewable energy generation.

Alberta Energy has been working with electricity stakeholders to plan and develop how Alberta will meet the action on climate change identified in the Climate Leadership planexternal link icon.

Alberta's Wholesale Electricity Market Transition RecommendationPDF iconexternal link icon
This AESO recommendationExternal link iconwas endorsedExternal link iconby the Government of Alberta in November of 2016. The plan will transition Alberta from an energy market to a new framework that includes an energy market and a capacity marketExternal link icon.

Transmission Facilities Cost Monitoring Committee (TFCMC)
The TFCMCexternal link iconwas established by the Minister of Energy in July 2010 and is responsible for reviewing records related to cost, scope, schedule and variances of Alberta transmission facility projects that are forecast to cost in excess of $100 million.


Regulated Retail Energy Harmonization InquiryPDF cion
Report by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) about the harmonization of the Regulated Rate Option Regulation and the Default Gas Supply Regulation. (December 2011)

Hydroelectric Power Generation Development InquiryPDF cion
Report by the AUC on their inquiry into the regulatory approval process for hydroelectric developments in Alberta. (August 2011)              

Alberta Smart Grid InquiryPDF icon
Report by the AUC on the potential for application of smart grid in Alberta. (June 2011)

Advanced Metering Study and participantsexternal link icon
A real-time electricity study to measure the electricity consumption behaviour of consumers has been initiated by the departments of Environment and Energy, Alberta Innovates, EPCOR and ENMAX. (May 2010)

2009 Electric Transmission Systems Study
The Electric Utilities Amendment Act, 2012 (formerly known as Bill 8) was passed by the Alberta Legislature to ensure that the need for all future transmission lines be assessed by the Alberta Utilities Commission a full needs assessment process, not the provincial cabinet. Stantec was commissioned to study transmission technologies.

Nuclear Review
The Government appointed a Nuclear Power Expert Panelexternal link iconin 2008 to prepare a report on nuclear energy. In March 2009 the Panel released their reportexternal link icon, in April Nuclear Power consultationexternal link iconbegan. It involved a workbookexternal link iconfor public feedback, consultation resultsexternal link iconwere compiled for the minister and releasedexternal link icon in December of 2009.

Alberta’s Hydroelectric Energy ResourcesPDF icon 
In Alberta there are five main river basins, the Athabasca, North Saskatchewan, Peace, Slave and South Saskatchewan. The ultimate hydroelectric energy potential that could be extracted from these river basins is about 53,000 gigawatt hours per year or 42,000 gigawatt hours per year at identified sites. This Alberta Utilities Commission report is an update on hydro resources in Alberta. (2010)

Alberta's Electricity Policy Framework: Competitive-Reliable-Sustainableexternal link iconA final policy paper design of the regulated rate option (RRO); short and long-term adequacy; and other inter-related market issues. (2005)

Industrial Systems Policy Statementexternal link icon
Definitions of industrial systems, and the policy objectives and implications of exempting these systems from the Electric Utilities Act (EUA). (June 1997)

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), the provincial regulator, is responsible to collect and report information on installed generation capacity, electricity generation and sales, reports are under service quality and reliabilityexternal link icon.

The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), the province's electricity system operator is responsible for the safe, reliable and economic planning and operation of Alberta’s interconnected electric system and wholesale electricity market. It is a not-for-profit organization. They offer electricity information and reports on a wide range of topics, including an Annual market statistics reportexternal link icon.