​ Electricity Stakeholder Information

Alberta continues to transition its electricity system from an energy-only to a capacity marketexternal link iconworking with industry and other stakeholders throughout the process. 

On June 11, 2018, Bill 13, An Act to Secure Alberta’s Electricity Futureexternal link iconpassed royal assent in the provincial legislature. When the bill was first introduced, Alberta Energy held a stakeholder information sessionPDF iconto provide information about the technical elements of the legislation. Alberta Energy is now developing regulations to enable the implementation of the capacity market.

Please contact electricity@gov.ab.ca if you have any comments or questions.

Capacity Market Regulation Stakeholder Engagement - In Progress;  

Completed Capacity Market Policy Stakeholder Engagement 

Policy Direction for Capacity Market

A Policy Direction for Alberta's Capacity Market PDF icon(March 2018) outlines government’s policy direction on issues related to agency roles, market rule development, stakeholder input points and the chosen cost allocation method for Alberta’s capacity market. A presentationPDF icon was delivered to stakeholders outlining policy direction.

Powering Alberta’s Future: Alberta’s Capacity Market FrameworkPDF icon(August 2017) provided background information to participate in the policy and technical design process of the province’s new electricity market system. A webinarPDF iconprovided more information.

Alberta's Electricity Transition

Alberta’s electricity system is changing to meet the needs of tomorrow. This plan will create a modern electricity system with reasonable, predictable prices, reduced pollution, a positive investment climate, and reliable power that is there when people flip the switch. Below, you can find related presentations and documents.