Introduction To Surface Public Land And Crown Mineral Dispositions And Activities

Alberta Surface Public Land are contained within the Geographic Land Information Management and Planning System (GLIMPS).

Crown Mineral dispositions and activities are contained within the Alberta Mineral Information (AMI). 

This data is essential to the management of agreements that cover publicly owned resources.

The primary applications of these systems are:

  1. Provide access to accurate and timely information relating to public land, and surface and mineral interests on crown land e.g. surface activities, mineral dispositions; and

  2. Support data capture requirements of government departments through inputting and maintaining their data, e.g. all activities and land for Alberta Energy and Alberta Environment and Parks.

The data components include:
Clients - all clients having an interest in Public Lands or Crown Minerals;
Activities - all surface dispositions, minerals agreements, restrictions, reservations, units, etc.;
Land - all Alberta township land and public subdivided land defined by a plan, block, lot reference, and;
Geo-administrative areas - such as provincial parks, special areas, etc. 
More information on the Searches Detailed Descriptions, their data components and applicable fees.

This information is accessible to the public in 3 ways.

  1. Via the Electronic Transfer System.

    1. An ETS Client Account is required and can be obtained by completing the Application Process

    2. See Online Learning for further information on types of available searches.

    3. ETS Loginexternal link icon(password required)

  2. Via Alberta Mineral Information (AMI) – Data Extracts. These extracts contain all mineral posting, agreement, unit and restriction, encumbrance and well spacing units information. For more information contact

Documentation on record layouts

    3.  Clients wanting to obtain a search are required to apply for an ETS Account, a one-time search may be considered and if this search is required immediately a $10.00 surcharge is charged for rush searches. See the Schedule of prescribed fees, Mines and Minerals Administration Regulation. Clients that currently do not have an ETS Account, please submit a Notice of Official Service Address form or to along with the setup/change form found in ETS support and online learning.

For further information contact Crown Land Data: