Listing of ETS Services


Bidding enables clients the ability to acquire Oil Sands and/or Petroleum and Natural Gas rights through an electronic bidding process. Clients will be able to select the parcels being offered for a sale, and if interested in acquiring the rights submit bid requests for a Public Offering using this system.


Correspondence allows clients to send and receive data from the Department through a secure connection.

  • CARE Forms
  • Operator’s Forecast
  • OS Mineral Rights Compensation Regulation
  • Switching Statistics
  • Urban Development Sub Region

Crown PNG and Oil Sands Agreement Documents

Designated Representative can download Agreement documents created from the PNG and Oil Sands Public Offering.

Environment and Parks Public Lands Surface Dispositions Assignment

Assignment facilitates the electronic assignment of surface dispositions issued under the Public Lands Act within the province of Alberta. Assignments encompass all transactions, documents, and data exchanges associated with the assignment of the disposition holder's interest in the surface disposition to another party.

Freehold Mineral Tax

Freehold Mineral Tax enables clients to query their own freehold production entity data, add and delete Lessees, transfer Lessee roles, download unit values and submit unit values.

Monthly Statements

Monthly Statements (Surface and Mineral Rental) when available they are published into ETS. Mineral/Surface clients can print/save the monthly statement, change the payment method to auto debit and add additional charges to the automatic withdrawal.

NGL-100, APMC 600, APMC-700, APMC Third Party, and APMC Pipeline In-Stream Form Submissions

Clients can submit certain data files (i.e. Gas Transmission Reports, Straddle Plant Operators, etc.) into the department electronically using ETS. The submissions are verified by ETS and clients get confirmation email about processing status.

Oil Sands Project Application and Royalty Reporting
Oil Sands operators can submit oil sands royalty project applications and royalty reports and request royalty information reports.


Posting enables clients to apply for Oil Sands and Petroleum and Natural Gas (P&NG) rights through an electronic disposition request. Clients are able to query mineral rights availability and also submit posting requests for a Public Offering and Direct Purchase.


Searches enables clients to request variety of reports that shows status information on Crown surface land and Crown minerals in the Province of Alberta.

Transfers Ownership and/ or Designated Representative

Transfer facilitates all transactions, documents and data exchanges associated with the Crown registration of the transfer of the owner's interest in the mineral rights to another party, and Designated Representative changes.  

ETS manuals are also available, for access to this system please contact, Crown Land Data Support.