Electronic Transfer System

The Electronic Transfer System (ETS) provides secure access to authorized account holder to do business electronically with the Alberta government.

Accessing ETS
Electronic Transfer System (password is required) Forgot Password / Reset Password
Ensure your browsers are: Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher, Firefox 50.0 or higher (ETS does not Support Chrome)

The Primary Administrator: Is a critical role they have the responsibility for setting up and managing security for all of their users on ETS, including passwords. A backup administrator should be assigned, they can perform the same duties. Crown Land Data is only authorized to work with the primary administrator or their back up. 

Apply for Access
To receive access to the Electronic Transfer System, an ETS Account Set Up/Change Form and Authorization letter available through ETS support and online learning must be submitted to the department. 
Note: The letter cannot be signed by the designated ETS Administrator unless they are the owner/President of the company. 

The client sends the letter and form to;

    Crown Land Data
    Alberta Department of Energy
    11th Floor, North Petroleum Plaza
    9945 – 108 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T5K 2G6
    Phone:  780-422-1395 (toll free 310-0000)
    Fax:  780-422-0382

    Email: CrownLandDataSupport@gov.ab.ca

    Crown Land Data will contact the ETS Administrator and Backup Administrator (if applicable) via telephone and communicate the User ID and password.

Online Learning provides full technical requirements and courses offered by ETS.