Business Contacts

Alberta is a global energy leader, using its world class knowledge, expertise and leadership to develop the vast energy resources of the province and to market these resources and abilities to the world. This business contact listing allows business and the public to access expert resources within the department. This list is organized by branch and is illustrated in the organizational chartPDF icon.

Coal and Minerals Contacts

The Coal and Mineral Development Business Unit manages the exploration and extraction of Alberta’s solid minerals – coal, metallic minerals, salt, diamonds, ammonite shell and various stone and rock resources such as limestone. Read more

Electricity Contacts

In Alberta's electricity market, Electricity developers are guided by competitive forces and the laws of supply and demand to determine investments in new generation and the delivery system. Read more

Natural Gas Contacts

The administration of natural gas is handled by several different business units within Alberta Energy: Resource Development, Economics and Markets, Gas Royalty Operations, and Gas Royalty Valuation and Markets. Read more

Oil Contacts

The Conventional Oil Branch promotes and encourages exploration and development of reserves, calculates and collects royalties from producers and markets Crown’s share of crude oil production through private sector marketing agents. Read more

Oil Sands Contacts

The Oil Sands Operations Division is responsible for the overall management of the Crown’s oil sands interests, from issuing oil sands leases, facilitating development, collecting royalties, to closing and reclaiming of leases, with the objective of developing the oil sands industry in a manner that provides a fair return to Albertans, the owners of the resource. Read more

Tenure Contacts

Tenure is the process of leasing and administering petroleum and natural gas (P&NG) rights owned by the Province of Alberta. Companies are granted the right to explore for and develop P&NG resources, in exchange for the value to Albertans that flows from development in the form of royalties, bonus bid payments and rents. Read more