Carbon Capture and Storage Legislation and Policy

Many aspects of carbon capture and storage projects are covered by Alberta’s existing oil and gas regulations, but the following acts and regulations promote the safe and effective use of carbon capture and storage technology:

Carbon Capture and Storage Funding Act

  • This Act created the carbon capture and storage funding program to enable commercial-scale carbon capture and storage projects in Alberta.

Carbon Capture and Storage Funding Regulation

  • This Regulation authorizes spending for the Regulatory Framework Assessment as well as for education and research regarding carbon capture and storage projects.

Carbon Capture and Storage Statutes Amendment Act, 2010

  • This Act allows the government to assume long-term liability for storage sites once the sites have been properly closed and the operators have demonstrated, through long-term monitoring, that the stored CO2 is stable. The Act makes it mandatory for carbon capture and storage operators to contribute to the Post-Closure Stewardship Fund. The provincial government will use this fund for ongoing monitoring and any required maintenance and remediation. This Act also clarifies that the Government of Alberta is the owner of pore space, but does not change ownership of mine and mineral resources in any way.

Carbon Sequestration Tenure Regulation 

  • This Regulation establishes the process companies must follow to obtain tenure or lease rights for pore space. These rights allow companies to evaluate the suitability of a potential storage site or to store CO2.

Regulatory Framework Assessment

To make sure carbon capture and storage in Alberta is conducted in the safest and most environmentally responsible way possible, Alberta Energy is creating a robust regulatory environment for carbon capture and storage.

From 2011 to 2013, more than 100 global experts on carbon capture and storage, including representatives from industry, environmental groups, scholars, and government worked on a review of existing regulations. The final report of the findings below includes over 70 conclusions and recommendations that will inform the ongoing development of the carbon capture and storage regulatory framework in Alberta.

 The final report, the Regulatory Framework Assessment (RFA)