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The search below is for digital copies of our Metallic and Industrial Mineral Assessment Reports that are available for downloading, a Static list of all Mineral Assessment Reports is also available. We will be updating this list on a go-forward basis as new assessment report become available at the expiration of their one year confidentiality period. Overview and boundary maps are being continuously updated for older assessment reports. Please continue to check this page for updates on newly digitized reports available to download. For some of the assessment reports, supplemental information that accompanied the report has also been made available for download in separate zipped files that accompany the report.

The link below will allow spatial searches related to the assessment reports that have been configured, we will be updating these on an on-going basis.

 Metallic and Industrial Minerals Interactive Map

Please note that these downloadable digital copies are provided “as is” and represent the best copy available to the Department. We are not responsible for any omissions or for the reliability of the content including accuracy, integrity, completeness, quality or legibility.

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