Coal Statistics

 Coal Reserves and Resources as of Dec 31, 2015

Ultimate In-place Resource   2,000 Billion tonnes (Gigatonnes) 
Initial In-Place Resources   93.7 Billion tonnes 
Initial Reserves   34.8 Billion tonnes
Cumulative Production   1.63 Billion tonnes
Remaining Reserves   32.2 Billion tonnes

2016 Raw Coal Production 

Total Production   26.3 Million Tonnes
Sub-Bituminous Coal   22.3 Million Tonnes
Bituminous Coal   4.0 Million Tonnes

As of January 2017, the Royalty Collected on 2016 production year of coal owned by the Province 
was $20.7 Million.

Crown Coal Leasing as of July 19, 2017

  • Number of Agreements, 957
  • Number of Hectares, 476,258 ha

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Statistical Series ST26 Alberta Coal Industry Monthly Statistics provides more detailed information on annual production by month, type of coal, raw vs. clean coal, mine and product sale and disposition.

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