Tenure Publications and Maps

This section contains Alberta Energy publications relating to Tenure. The tenure system facilitates the leasing of rights that enable companies to explore for and develop petroleum and natural gas from Alberta's resources, for the benefit of the province's residents. The Alberta tenure system is looked upon by industry as one of the best in the world. If you have further questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions portion of our site.


Petroleum and Natural Gas Tenure in Alberta (Quick print version)
Petroleum and Natural Gas Tenure in Alberta (Formatted version for book print - 7 1/2" x 11")

This publication provides a history of Crown mineral rights and the administration of Alberta's petroleum and natural gas mineral agreements by Alberta Energy's Tenure Branch.


Please Note:  This publication has been updated due to an error recently found on Page 11, Figure 6.  It previously read, “Selecting sections using a single qualifying well for a section 17”.  It has now been updated to reflect the correct statement “Selecting sections using a single qualifying well for a section 16”.  Alberta Energy apologizes for any inconvenience this error may have caused. 


Zone Designation (ZD's ) and Deeper Rights Reversion Zone Designation (DRRZD's) Information Exchange (2007)
An explanation of the designations.


Mineral Ownership in Alberta
The Department of Energy administers Crown owned minerals on behalf of the province. The Alberta Crown owns approximately 81% of the province's mineral rights. The remaining 19% are either freehold minerals or belong to the Crown in the right of Canada.

Alberta Regional Boundary
This map shows the Plains, Northern and Foothills regions of Alberta. These regions are used to determine the type of agreement term for petroleum and natural gas agreements.

A listing of external resources for tenure is also available.