Tenure Guides



Deeper rights reversion zone designation (DRRZD) Legend and Map Directory
shows the administrative areas of DRRZD’s their respective type well log and interval.


  Authorization Guide
Use this guide to help you complete an authorization in support of a Tenure application.


    Bid Request Manual
Bidding enables clients to acquire Oil Sands (OS) and Petroleum and Natural Gas (P&NG) rights through an electronic bidding process.
  Direct Purchase Guide
This guide outlines how to apply for any petroleum and natural gas rights by direct purchase.

  Tenure Administration


    Transfer of Ownership on Mineral Agreements
This manual outlines the process of submitting a transfer for Ownership on a mineral agreement using the Electronic Transfer System.

  Transfer Form Guide (paper format)
Manual transfers are accepted for partial land transfers and in situations where a company has been struck from the corporate register, the Crown lessee is deceased or in exceptional circumstances beyond a company's control.
    Continuations and Validation


Licence Validation Guide
This guide outlines the rules involved in requesting validation of an initial term licence through ETS.

  Initial Term Licence Changes Quick Reference Guide


Continuation Application Guide
Use this guide to help you complete an ETS application for continuation of a lease or intermediate licence.
Continuation Changes Quick Reference Guide

Authorization Guide - PNG Continuations and Licence Validations
Use this guide to help you complete an ETS authorization for PNG Continuation and Licence Validations.

  Technical Guidelines for Continuation
This guide provides you with the technical guidelines that the department applies to various applications for continuation of licences or leases.

Freehold Mineral Tax


These guidelines have been updated to clarify revenue and allowable costs. We encourage you to refer to these when calculating your unit values.

               Freehold Mineral Tax Unit Value Guide - 2017

Freehold Mineral Tax Unit Value Guide - 2016

Freehold Mineral Tax Unit Value Guide - 2015


  Freehold Mineral Tax Unit Value Guide - 2014




Freehold Mineral Tax Enhanced Oil Recovery Program Guidelines
These guidelines describe the freehold mineral tax enhanced oil recovery program.