Tenure Facts

Albertans own the mineral rights for 53.7 million hectares of land. That's about 81 per cent of Alberta's total land area. The remaining 19 per cent are freehold mineral rights owned by private individuals and companies or minerals owned by the federal government (National Parks, Indian Reserves).

On a yearly basis, the Alberta Energy holds an average of 24 land auctions and issues between 6,000 and 9,000 new petroleum and natural gas agreements.

The best measure of the land sale is the average price paid per hectare. The top sale by average price per hectare was held July 7, 2010. A total of $451.7 million was collected at an average price of $2,185.03 per hectare. This was also the year for the highest annual bonus amount for petroleum and natural gas rights at $2.388 billion.

The highest price per hectare was $130,060.00 per hectare, for a parcel sold in the July 5, 1978 sale. The lowest price per hectare a parcel sells for is $1.25.

The most money paid for one parcel of petroleum and natural gas rights was $96.7 million on March 23, 2011.