Shallow Rights Reversion

As outlined in IL 2013-13, an indefinite hold has been placed on serving SRR notices for petroleum and natural gas agreements issued prior to January 1, 2009.

Alberta’s New Royalty Framework announced on October 25, 2007 included the following: "The government will implement shallow rights reversion to maximize extraction of the resource. Under this policy, mineral rights to shallow gas geological formations that are not being developed would revert back to the government and be made available for resale."

Shallow rights reversion means that the rights above the top of the shallowest productive zone in an agreement will be severed from the agreement at continuation. This will be in addition to the existing deeper rights reversion. Rights between the top of the shallowest productive zone and the base of the deepest productive zone will remain in the agreement.

Shallow Rights Reversion FAQs