Agreement Management/ Electronic Transfer System (ETS)


How many agreements can I submit at one time for Surrender?
Can I request a partial surrender on an Initial Term Licence?
Can I request a partial surrender on Primary; Intermediate Term; or Continued Term?
When I request a partial surrender can it be either by lands or rights?
When can I surrender an agreement and not have to pay the annual rent?
Can I request surrender if the annual rent has not be paid?
Will my rent be prorated if I surrender before the term expiry?
Can I back date my surrender request?
Do you have to be the Designated Representative to surrender an agreement?
How do I obtain authorization to surrender an agreement?
My annual rent was paid through the electronic funds transfer after my surrender request was submitted. Will I be receiving a refund?
How long does it take for the surrendered lands to return to the land bank?
What is the response time for surrender?
I submitted a surrender request for the wrong agreement. Can I withdraw my surrender request?
I received an error on ETS advising am not authorized to surrender the agreement, why?
Why am I receiving an error on ETS stating “The Effective Date must be less than the Agreement Expiry Date”?
Why am I receiving an error on ETS stating “Cannot Surrender a Cancelled Agreement”

Rental Reinstatements

How many agreements can I submit at one time for a Rental Reinstatement request?
What is the response time for a Rental Reinstatement?
Is there a requirement to attach a Rental Reinstatement Letter?
Does the penalty, rent and interest need to be paid when applying for a Rental Reinstatement?
If I apply for a Rental Reinstatement without penalty, am I required to pay the $5,000.00 penalty?
Who can request a Rental Reinstatement for a PNG agreement?
How long do I have to request a Rental Reinstatement?
How will I know when a response has been received from Alberta Energy for my Rental Reinstatement request?
I submitted a Rental Reinstatement request for the wrong agreement, can I withdraw my request?

Rental and Royalty Defaults

I paid the annual rent when I received the Overdue Statement for my PNG Agreement. Why has my agreement been cancelled for Rental Default?
I paid my annual rent late, why is the rent still owing?
Can someone other than the Designated Representative pay the annual rent and interest, due on a PNG agreement?
Why am I being charged GST when I have a GST number?
What is the timing of the overdue rental payment before the PNG agreement is in Rental Default?
Who does Alberta Energy notify when there are outstanding payments required?
The annual rent is due on my PNG Agreement; can I send the funds electronically?
Can I drop off my rental and interest payment at the Calgary Office?
Why did I receive a Royalty Default Notice, when I am not the Well Operator?
Who receives a copy of the Royalty Default Notice and Cancellation letter?