Undisposed Rights Frequently Asked Questions

Pore Space

What is pore space?
Who owns the pore space?
If the Crown lands are leased, is the pore space included?
If I receive authorization for injecting or disposing into undisposed Crown mineral rights, is the pore space included?
Do we require authorization to conduct operations within the pore space in freehold mineral rights?


Where can I find Authorization for Coring Undisposed Crown Mineral Rights Information?

Road Allowances

Does my P&NG lease grant me the rights under the road allowance or do I only own 50 per cent of the road allowance?
Do I own the road allowance in my Unit Agreement?

Crown Mineral Activity Authorization

Can a company request to drill additional depth beyond the allowable 15 metre over hole into undisposed Crown rights?
Do we need approval from the department to inject or dispose into undisposed Crown rights?
Do I require approval to inject Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?
We are planning to drill a water well less than 150m in Crown undisposed mineral rights. We will not encounter or intend to produce any hydrocarbons. Do we need to make application to the department for use of undisposed rights?
Do I require prior approval to drill a well and conduct operations (such as disposal/injection, water source, observation) in a zone where only one of the substances is leased, either the Crown P&NG or Oil Sands rights?