Consolidation Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for consolidation?
Can multiple consolidations be applied for in one letter or are separate letters required?
If applying for an areal or stacked consolidation and the wells are not currently producing would you serve a Section 18 notice on the unproductive lands?
If an application is made for an areal and a stacked consolidation and after Alberta Energy’s review we only qualify for one type, would you contact us before continuing with the consolidation? (We may want to amend/withdraw our request.)
If one agreement has a restriction and the other one does not, can they be consolidated?
Does the consolidated agreement get assigned a new agreement number? How is the new agreement number assigned?
When can I apply for consolidation?
What does “be in the same term” mean?
The last bullet of IL 2010-10 states that ‘stacked’ agreements must have ‘contiguous rights’. What does “rights” mean?
If three stacked agreements have contiguous rights and are all the same term, can they be consolidated?
Can a PNG Licence in its initial term be consolidated?
Can an agreement that is part of a Unit be consolidated?
Can an agreement subject to offset compensation be consolidated?
Can an agreement that is part of a gas storage agreement be consolidated?
After I consolidate my agreements can the consolidation be reversed?
When consolidating agreements and the rental has been paid for each agreement, or one paid for and not the other(s), will the department refund or request rental payments once they are consolidated?