Tenure Forms Help


Q. I'm having problems accessing and/or editing forms?

Prior to making any changes, the form must be 'unprotected'. Acrobat files can not be edited.

[Word users only] Solution: Click on 'tools', 'unprotect'.

HOW to UNPROTECT a Word document

  • 1. select: Tools + Unprotect Document;
  • 2. make the required changes to the document;

HOW to PROTECT a document

  • 1. select Tools + Protect Document + Forms to protect the files.
  • 2. Save the file.

HOW to PRINT a document

legal size forms (8-1/2" x 14") have all been set to print on manual feed. If you wish to change the print setting:

  • 1. select: Tools + Unprotect Document
  • 2. select: File + Page Setup + Paper Source
  • 3. choose the correct print setting or paper tray for your printer
  • 4. ensure that the drop-down box labelled "Apply To" is set to "Whole Document";
  • 5. click: OK
  • 6. select: Tools + Protect Document + Forms + OK and close the file.

Contact: Tenure Forms help line at 780-422-9385