General PNG Continuation Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a map showing which agreements qualify under for an extension under Information Letter 2016-34?
Can I apply in advance for the extension?
Can I apply for more than one agreement at a time?
If my agreement is partially outside the caribou range, will it still be eligible for the extension?
Who do I contact in the Oil Sands area to make application?
How do I get set up for Electronic Transfer System (ETS)?
Can you keep my data confidential even if someone requests to use it?
When should I book a meeting to discuss my application?
Should I enclose annual rental with my application?
How are agreements affected by SRR continued?
Can we continue to work on a well after expiry?
Can I licence a well after my agreement expires before receiving final confirmation of the continuation?
Can I use another companyís confidential well to continue my agreement?
Can I make a late application (after expiry) for continuation under section 15 using a good hydrocarbon test?
What are the options available after expiry of a primary, intermediate term agreement, or the expiry of another type of agreement?
I have a question about my application but I donít have an agreement number. Can I call the helpdesk with a land description or my ETS request number?
If I drill a well and subsequently surrender the agreement or allow it to expire or be cancelled, do I still own the well?
Some of the correspondence on older agreements refers to sections of the Mines and Minerals Act that no longer exist. What are the current equivalents?
What does the Offer Expiry Date mean?
How is the Offer Expiry Date calculated?
Can I receive my final continuation letter before the offer notice period expires?
I am having problems with trying to evaluate my mineral rights and I need additional time after expiry. Can I get an extension?
Can a Holding be used to continue an agreement under section 15?
What is shallow rights reversion (SRR)?
When did shallow rights reversion become effective?
When I submit a Third Party request, will the lands in the agreement under review be subject to SRR?
Can I consolidate a shallow rights agreement and a deeper rights agreement to maximize continuation of more zones?