Unit and Gas Storage Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked question topics are covered in this page;

  • Units
  • E-Submissions of Exhibit A Revisions
  • Commercial Gas Storage

For more information on policies, technical requirements, and unit terminologies, please refer to the Crown Involvement in Units and Description of Unit Terminologies document for policies and technical requirements.


What is a Unit Agreement?
When should I send Alberta Energy a unit proposal?
What type of information does Alberta Energy require for a unit proposal?
Can an agreement under a section 16 or section 17 continuation be included in a unit?
Can an agreement under a section 18 notice of non-productivity be included in a unit?
Can an initial term licence be included in a unit agreement?
Can primary term leases and intermediate term licences be included in a unit?
Where can companies drop off unit proposals in Calgary?
Can a unit be executed retroactively?
What is a Production Allocation Unit Agreement?
Can the well be placed on production before the execution of the PAUA?
What happens if the PAUA has a producing well and one or more parties refuse to execute?
I have calculated the tract factors for my unit based only on remaining reserves in place. Is this acceptable?
How do you calculate the Unit Participation Percentage for each Working Interest Owner in a unit and how is the Crown interest for each Working Interest Owner determined?
Does Alberta Energy require an effective date on Exhibit A and any subsequent revisions?
Should the effective date on Exhibit A, Part II (Exhibit D of older unit operating agreements) be the same effective date as shown on Exhibit D?
Why do you need to send Part II of Exhibit A (Exhibit D of older unit operating agreements)?
Does Alberta Energy require an abbreviation page to Exhibit A?
If a new unit operator wishes to change the numbering system of an Exhibit A, (e.g. from a revision number to a date [revision no. 1999-01]) is this allowed?
When should an Exhibit A be revised?
Is a letter required when a revised Exhibit A is submitted?
If there is a change in the royalty owner, does Alberta Energy require a revised Exhibit A?
Do the revisions submitted to Alberta Energy have to be in chronological order?
Do the Effective Date of Exhibit A and its revisions always have to be on the first day of the month?
Can I send two revisions with the same Effective Date?
When do you need to put the word 'correction' on the Exhibit A?
When a correction is required, should the effective date and revision number stay the same?

E-Submissions of Exhibit A Revisions

How do I access Electronic Transfer System (ETS) to submit my revised Exhibit A?
How do I submit an Exhibit A revision for an existing Unit Agreement?
Where can I access training for the electronic submission of revisions to Exhibit A.?
How do I notify Alberta Energy if there is a correction in my Exhibit A?
Is there a deadline for making revisions/corrections to my submitted Exhibit A?
How can I be sure that Alberta Energy has received my revision request?
How do I know when my request is processed?
How do I acquire a copy of a previously revised Exhibit A?
The unit operator and one of the working interest owner companies are in the process of being amalgamated. Can, a revision be submitted under the new resulting company name?
Can I submit a change of unit operatorship, revision or correction manually?
Who is responsible for preparing and distributing a revised Exhibit A for a Unit agreement?
My ETS request was successfully submitted; however, I received an ETS email notification that my request was rejected. What happens now?

Gas Storage

What is a commercial gas storage unit agreement?
What is the process to convert a partially depleted reservoir into a commercial storage field?
Who would be a party to a Commercial Gas Storage Unit Agreement?
How does Alberta Energy administer petroleum and natural gas agreements that are subject to a Commercial Gas Storage Unit Agreement?
What data is required for a Commercial Gas Storage Agreement proposal?
How is native gas treated in a Commercial Gas Storage Unit Agreement?
Does the Crown have any regulated buffer zone protection or specific rules around migration of gas?
What is required in order to set up the injection scheme ID?
Is there any information available pertaining to existing gas storage facilities?
What are the necessary approvals/requirements in order to develop a salt cavern for commercial storage?
What are the necessary approvals/requirements in order to convert a salt cavern from liquid storage to gas storage?
Does Alberta Energy support the storage of gas in Alberta, and are there any publications promoting gas storage in Alberta?