Wells Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns an abandoned well?
Do I keep the rights to my well even though my lease is cancelled and the well is not abandoned?
My lease is nearing expiry and I will be allowing it to expire. I have a water disposal well on the lease. Should I retain my P&NG Lease in order to keep my well?
What approval is required from the department to use a vested Crown well?
I was authorized to re-enter a vested well and must obtain a well licence. I am not going to make this deadline. What should I do?
If you receive two competing applications for use of a vested well, how do you decide which one to authorize?
Why did I get a notice from the AER to abandon my well?
I have received an abandonment request but I own the shallow rights and want to use the well to produce from these rights. Is there anything I have to do or can I just proceed to use the well?
How do I get approval to re-enter an abandoned well?