Trespass - Road Allowances | Trespass - General

Trespass - General

What is trespass?
If I drill a well up to 15 m past my leased rights, into undisposed Crown, is the well in trespass?
I hold the rights from below the base of the Belly River zone to the basement. The rights from surface to the base of the Belly River are undisposed Crown. Can I drill through the undisposed Crown rights to get to my leased rights?
The term of my lease has expired and I have not yet received final approval of my lease continuation. Can I put a well on production?
I hold the rights from surface to basement, except for the petroleum and natural gas in the Viking zone. What activities are permitted in the excepted rights?
If my well produces over expiry of the term of my lease and I have not yet received confirmation of my continuation application, will I be in trespass?
I have purchased a lease from Company A. I have been informed by the Crown of a trespass that occurred while Company A held the lease. Why is my company being charged with the trespass? Who is responsible for the trespass?
I think my company may have inadvertently trespassed into Crown undisposed rights in one of our wells. What do I do now?
What technical data do I need to send to Alberta Energy upon self-declaring a trespass?
Where can companies drop off cheques, trespass self-declaration and/or data in Calgary?
I was just ready to drill a gas well on a section of land when I discovered that there was a small portion of undisposed Crown land within that section. Do I have to post this land for public sale or can I request a direct purchase?
Why do I have to shut my well in if Alberta Energy informs me of a trespass? Can I continue to produce while Alberta Energy determines the course of action to deal with the trespass?
A few months ago we were advised that we were in trespass and told that the well information would have to be made public. Why?
If a trespass occurred before the $50,000.00 trespass penalty was instituted, are we still subject to the penalty?
Do you charge trespass if there are open perforations in undisposed Crown?
Will Alberta Energy waive the trespass penalty when a company has drilled a little bit over the 15m allowable?
Under what circumstances would the Crown waive the trespass penalty?
Will Alberta Energy be lenient on a trespass if a company self-declares the trespass?
Does the Crown use the "total depth" or "true vertical depth" to calculate overhole trespass?
Can a company test for gas (one section spacing) when holding the rights for just the oil spacing of one quarter section?
A company applied for a Section 16 continuation on a P&NG Lease expiring May 20, 2005. The qualifying well rig release April 19, 2005. The Crown has not confirmed their application yet. Can they proceed with completion operations on their well?
If a company has a producing well at the time of expiry and expects to receive a section 15 continuation, can they continue working?
Can a company leave a recorder down the well after lease expiry?
Can a company appeal the Crown’s decision?

Trespass - Road Allowances

Does my P&NG lease grant me the rights under the road allowance or do I only own 50 percent of the road allowance?
Do I own the road allowance in my Unit Agreement?
How do we get approval to drill, test or produce in a Road Allowance?
Is a company in trespass if their well terminated in an un-surveyed road?