Oil Sands Frequently Asked Questions

Does oil sands mining affect the environment?
How can I find out about employment in Alberta’s oil sands industry?
What is the difference between the Department of Energy and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)?
What is oil sands petroleum coke? Is it the same as coking coal or conventional coke?
What happens to the royalties collected from oil sands production?

Oil Sands Sales On Metis Lands.

Why has the Co-Management Agreement been amended?
What is a "Metis Settlements Benefits Proposal"?
Where can I get information on completing the Benefits Proposal?
How do I submit a "Benefits Proposal"?
Who can apply for direct purchases on settlement lands?
How will Alberta Energy ensure corporations are eligible bidders?
How do I maintain my company’s confidentiality when acquiring rights?
How do I acquire complementary rights in Metis Settlements?