IETP Frequently Asked Questions

The Innovative Energy Technologies Program (IETP) supports the Provincial Energy Strategy (PES), which identifies the need for innovation, research and technology development. Announced in 2004, the IETP supports, innovative technology development in the production of Alberta's oil, oil sands, and gas resources and finding commercial technical solutions to the gas over bitumen issue to allow efficient and orderly production of both resources.
What is the Innovative Energy Technologies Program (IETP)?
What are the objectives of the IETP?
What are the anticipated benefits of this program?
How will the royalty adjustments under this program be determined?
Do gas over bitumen (GOB) projects use the same application process as gas, oil and oil sands projects?
Can funding be over a number of years?
What if a project is abandoned early, as it clearly is not showing positive results? Will funding be withdrawn?
What happens if no projects are proposed for gas but too many for oil sands?
How can an industry player who does not pay royalties (service company) take advantage of this program?
Will project results be made public?
Will I be able to obtain a license to use a projectís patented innovative technology?
Can two or more companies join together to apply for a project?