Enhanced Oil Recovery Program

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is used on reservoirs that have previously produced oil. It is a method of conventional crude oil production that injects hydrocarbons, CO2, nitrogen, chemicals or other substances approved by the Minister to increase oil recovery from an existing pool. EOR sustains the province’s economic prosperity and employment as it enables business enterprises to optimize Alberta’s resource base, as they make investments to improve basin productivity.

EOR increases the amount of oil that can ultimately be recovered from conventional oil fields, providing incremental oil revenue to fund services for the public and provide jobs and other economic benefits across Alberta. It will also allow more of Alberta's oil production to come from existing oil fields with existing infrastructure (roads and pipelines) helping to preserve undeveloped areas. Conventional oil developments such as EOR are not focused in one area of Alberta but are found across province.

EOR has been successfully used for decades across North America. Only approximately 22 per cent of Alberta’s conventional crude oil has been recovered so far – there are significant future opportunities!

Industry revenues from incremental oil recovery through using CO2 as an injectant in EOR can provide an economic base for Carbon Capture and Storage projects and emerging technologies.

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