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Welcome to Oil Sands Reports. The links on this page will take you to a variety of publications relating to the oil sands industry and the energy industry in Alberta, Canada and the world. These reports have been produced by the Government of Alberta for print publication and have now been provided to you as an information service.

Fact Sheets

Oil Sandsexternal link iconJune 2017

Royaltiesexternal link icon September 2012

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainageexternal link icon (SAGD) September 2017

Upgrading and Refiningexternal link icon February 2017


Bitumen Assay Program (BAP) Aggregate Assay Informationxlsx file

The BAP is an ongoing multiphase project designed to obtain resource information on Alberta's oil sands bitumen quality. Bitumen assays were generated by Maxxam Analytics and aggregated by Alberta Energy to create aggregate assays that are based on a combination of oil sands region and recovery technology to ensure the anonymity of each oil sands operator's specific bitumen assay data.

Industry Activity Reports provide the most current data available for drilling activity in Alberta. Included in the report are data for new licences, spuds, land sales, rig activity and well completions.

Quarterly Industry Reportsexternal link icon A quarterly report for projects and related activities occurring in the oil sands, including government and industry updates and detailed project listings.

CHOPS: Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand in the Canadian Heavy Oil Industryexternal link icon This report explores the technical, economic and environmental issues related to CHOPS, refers to other new processes and emerging production technologies, and details emerging possibilities for expanding or prolonging CHOPS production in Alberta. 2002

Fort Hills Oil Sands Lease AgreementPDF icon 2009

Canada's Oil Sands, Opportunities and Challenges to 2015PDF iconexternal link icon 2006

Alberta's Oil and Gas Tenure Brochureexternal link icon 2017

Responsible Actions: A Plan for Alberta's Oil Sandsexternal link icon 2009 (Oil Sands Sustainable Development Secretariat)

Responsible Water Management in Canada's Oil and Gas Industryexternal link icon (CAPP) 2010

UNITAR (7th) - Alberta's Oil Sands: Update on the Generic Royalty Regimeexternal link icon , October 27 - 31, 1998


Cost Analysis and Reporting Enhancement Training, April 1, 2015

NRF Royalty Calculation Training, January 8, 2009

New Royalty Framework (NRF), December 12, 2008


The Alberta Oil Sands, A World of Opportunity, 2010 (approximately 18 minutes)

video icon A Conversation on Oil Sands and the Environment, 2008 (9 segments; Why do we need the oil sands?,

How big are the oil sands?, What is the role of new technology?, How will the land be reclaimed?, What is the impact of tailings ponds?, Is air quality affected?, What is the impact on climate change?, and Can Alberta find solutions?)


Alberta's Oil Sands Leased Area 2017

Alberta's Oil Sands Projects and Upgraders2017

Designated Oil Sands AreaPDF icon 2017

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