Oil Sands Rights

About Tenure

Tenure refers to the system through which Crown-owned mineral rights, including oil sands rights, are leased and administered. About Tenure is an introduction to Oil Sands Tenure and provides important information about the tenure process and online services. Read more

Tenure Guidelines

The complete, unabridged guidelines to Oil Sands Tenure, provided in PDF format for easy viewing. Read more

Public Offering Schedule & Statistics

Statistics for each public offering from 1998 to the present. Data is available for Athabasca, Cold Lake and Peace River in both PDF and xls formats. Read more

Public Offerings and Results

A listing of every public offering notice from 1996 to the present, available in text, pdf and xml formats. If you are interested in leasing land for oil sands development, click here to see which rights are on offer. Read more

Lease & Permit

Ten days following the public offering, agreements documents are posted on the Electronic Transfer System. The designated representative for the agreement is responsible for picking up the documents electronically. Read more

Direct Purchases

Direct purchase is the acquisition of Crown-owned oil sands rights by individual sale rather than through the public offering process. This page contains direct purchase pricing information, as well as information related to the direct purchase process. Read more

Escalating Rent

Non-producing continued leases are subject to payment of escalating rent. Escalating rent serves to promote the development of oil sands resources by charging additional rent for continued leases that are not being produced. Lessees cannot simply hold leases without producing. This page contains information and maps relating to escalating rent issues. Read more