Tenure Frequently Asked Questions


PNG Direct Purchase (Direct Purchases of Crown petroleum and natural gas rights)
PNG Sales (Public Land Sales for Crown petroleum and natural gas rights)
PNG Sales and Direct Purchase (Options on Metis Land)


Registrations (Crown mineral agreements)

Agreement Management

Agreement Management/ Electronic Transfer System (ETS)

PNG Continuation

Validation of Initial Term Licences (Validating rights in expired initial term licences to extend the licence into an intermediate term)
Licence and Lease Continuations (Continuing productive or potentially productive rights in expired primary term leases or intermediate term licences)
General PNG Continuation Frequently Asked Questions 
E-Continuations/Electronic Transfer System (ETS)
Tenure Glossary/ Definitions 

Units, Trespass & Undisposed Rights

Units Establishing and maintaining a unit-type agreement, including Gas Storage Unit Agreements
Trespass What constitutes trespass on Crown petroleum and natural gas rights and obligations if a trespass occurs
Undisposed Rights  Alberta Crown lands which are not under an active PNG or Oil Sands Agreement 

Well Administration and Offsets

Wells (Abandoned well bores on Crown petroleum and natural gas rights, the impact that cancelling an agreement has on different types of wells, and approval for linking and re-entry authorizations)
Offsets (Receiving and responding to offset notices and fulfillling obligations to offset production of a freehold well)


Consolidation (areal agreements and now stacked agreements)