Natural Gas Publications and Maps

This section contains publications relating to Natural Gas that Alberta Energy has produced. 

Natural gas is combustible and burns more cleanly than some other energy sources, it is one of the most highly used energy sources.

This collection of information will help you learn about Natural Gas in Alberta.


Summary of Alberta's Shale- and Siltstone-Hosted Hydrocarbon Resource Potentialexternal link icon
This summary produced by Alberta Geological Survey under the Alberta Energy Regulator provides baseline data, information, and understanding of the geology, distribution, reservoir characteristics, and hydrocarbon resource potential of Alberta shales.

Oil and Gas Fiscal Regimes of the Western Canadian Provinces and Territories
This report summarizes the petroleum fiscal regimes for the Western Canadian provinces and territories.

Fact Sheets

These Fact Sheets provide summaries about Natural Gas and it's industries in Alberta. If you have further questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions portion of our site.

Hydraulic Fracturing
This fact sheet provides information on hydraulic fracturing in Alberta.

Talk about Natural Gas
This fact sheet provides general information about natural gas, including information on Alberta's natural gas resources.

Explaining Your Gas Bill
Natural gas utility companies provide a service that combines the purchase of natural gas on your behalf and its delivery to your home through the pipeline system. In some cases the same company provides both the purchase of natural gas and the delivery of that gas; in other cases it is two separate companies – a gas supplier and a pipeline owner. It is important to note that energy costs and delivery costs may be billed by separate entities.

Natural Gas Prices
This fact sheet explains natural gas prices in Alberta.


Natural Gas overview brochure
The brochure represents Alberta’s combined capabilities in natural gas – our producing fields, our network of export pipelines, massive storage capability, a major benchmark pricing mechanism, trading services, numerous points of consumption from electricity generation to residential heating, and a world-class petrochemicals sector that adds value to natural gas liquids.

Alberta's Energy Industry Overview
Energy Sector Highlights and Economic Impact, Natural Gas, Petrochemicals, Oil Sands and Conventional Oil, Minerals, Electricity, Hydrocarbon Resources.

Gas Royalty Information Bulletins
The Gas Royalty Calculation Information Bulletins highlight proposed changes to legislation, regulations or operating procedures. These bulletins are published on a monthly basis and provide industry clients with updated information regarding reporting requirements for the determination of natural gas royalty.


Natural Gas Liquids Royalty Framework Changes
This presentation explains changes to Alberta's natural gas liquids royalty calculation.

Royalty Adjustment Program for Deep Marginal Gas Wells (RAP)
This presentation provides information on the new adjustment program for deep marginal natural gas wells.


Map of Natural Gas Fields and Natural Gas in Coal potential
Alberta has a world-class natural resource base, with an estimated 84 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of remaining recoverable natural gas. In addition, there is an estimated 500 Tcf from natural gas in coal, also known as coalbed methane, although at this point there is not enough information to determine how much can actually be recovered.

Map of Alberta Coal Occurrences and Potential Coalbed Methane (CBM) Exploration Areas (Alberta Geological Survey - AGS)
The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) estimates there are 91 billion tonnes of coal resources at depth suitable for mining. There is an additional 2 trillion tonnes of coal at depth in the Alberta Plains that may be suited for coalbed methane (CBM) exploration. The AGS under the AER estimates there may be up to 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in Alberta's coals.

Map of the Natural Gas HUB
The Alberta Hub is part of a North American network linking 500,000 kilometres of  pipelines and accessing markets representing more than half of North America’s combined natural gas demand. Alberta’s natural gas processing and distribution hub is the key to unlocking the full potential of Alaska and Mackenzie Valley gas.

Map of proposed Northern Pipeline projects
This map indicates the proposed routes for the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline and Alaska Highway Pipeline projects.

Map of Natural Gas Infrastructure
This map indicates operating natural gas wells, facilities and pipelines in the province.

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