Regulatory Enhancement Project

In December 2012, the Responsible Energy Development Actexternal link icon was passed, creating the Alberta Energy RegulatorPDF icon (AER), a single regulator for upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal projects in the province.

The AER is responsible for regulating energy resource developments from initial application to reclamation, and it is a key pillar in Alberta’s integrated resource management Systemexternal link icon .

The transition to the AER was completedexternal link icon on March 31, 2014.  

What's New

In May 2014 the AER and the BC Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC) signedexternal link icon a memorandum of understandingexternal link icon PDF icon to form a strategic partnership to enhance energy resource regulation in both Alberta and British Columbia.

In March 2014, the AER hosted industry information sessionsexternal link icon about about the AER’s regulatory responsibilities under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Water Act. Information on authorizations, the Mine Financial Security Program, Compliance and Enforcement, and Reclamation and Remediation were also provided.  

In November 2013, the Alberta government passed regulationsexternal link icon that give the Alberta Energy Regulator more authority. The new regulations ensure:

  • Public notice of applications made to the Alberta Energy Regulator is given to Albertans.
  • Landowners can register new surface agreements with the regulator.
  • The regulator has the authority to administer the Public Lands Actexternal link icon for energy projects.

This move reinforces what Albertans have been told from the outset – that all existing environmental requirements and standards will continue under the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

In 2013 the Alberta Responsible Energy Policy Systemexternal link icon (AREPS) was launched to bring together policies, regulations and pieces of legislation, from the AER and the departments of Energy and Environment and Sustainable Resource Developmentexternal link icon (ESRD).

General Questions and Answers

Who was consulted on the regulations for the Responsible Energy Development Act?
Why did government choose to take a phased approach to the implementation of the AER?
What is the Regulatory Enhancement Project?
How is the new system an improvement?

Environmental Questions and Answers

What is left for Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to do if its environmental powers are being given to the Alberta Energy Regulator?
Why do we have so many regulators/agencies/government departments that monitor Alberta’s environment with respect to energy projects?
How does the REP fit into Alberta’s broader integrated resource management system?

Landowner Questions and Answers

Can landowners still enter into private surface agreements with industry?
How will landowner concerns be addressed by the new regulator?
How is government involving landowners in policy-making decisions?

Alberta Energy Regulator Procedures Questions and Answers

How will Albertans know about project applications?
How can Albertans provide input into the application process?
Who will hold the hearings and who can provide input?
Can I appeal a decision?
How will disputes be resolved?

First Nations Questions and Answers

Who will determine whether my application requires First Nations consultation?
How long will the Aboriginal Consultation Office to determine if First Nations consultation is needed?
If consultation with First Nations is needed, how long will the consultations take?
Who will assess the adequacy of First Nations consultation for my application?