Regulatory Enhancement Task Force

A discussion document Enhancing Assurance: Developing an integrated energy resource regulatorPDF icon has been created to provide insight and greater detail regarding the move to a single regulator for Alberta’s energy sector. The report looks at the operation, key regulatory functions and processes of the single regulator.

The integration of regulatory responsibilities presents an opportunity to enhance energy sector regulation based on the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, adaptability, predictability, fairness and transparency. Please note that the report is not a representation of Government of Alberta policy and no decisions have been made with respect to the subject matter.

Stakeholder and First Nations Engagement
In September and October 2012, information sessions were held with stakeholders and First Nations participants.  At each session, participants were provided with an update on the Regulatory Enhancement Project (REP) implementation.  The information sessions also gathered participant input on key REP elements, to inform further implementation work.

The following reports summarize the major themes that emerged from those information sessions.

During the months of June, July and August 2011, Alberta Energy held a series of in-person discussion sessions with stakeholders and First Nations participants. At each discussion session, attendees were invited to provide their input and feedback on the issues and proposed directions outlined in the discussion document, Enhancing Assurance: Developing an integrated energy resource regulator. Following are the feedback reports;

In addition to in-person sessions, a web-based survey of twelve questions was posted on the REP website. Albertans were encouraged to comment on the direction proposed in the discussion document and answer some or all of the survey questions.

Regulatory Enhancement Task Force

The Regulatory Enhancement Task Force was established in March 2010 to do a comprehensive upstream oil and gas regulatory review and recommend system level reforms to ensure Alberta has a modern, efficient, outcomes-based and competitive regulatory system that continues to maintain Alberta’s strong commitment to environmental management, public safety, and resource conservation. The task force has delivered the following reports to government;

Stakeholder and First Nations Engagement
The oil and gas regulatory review included extensive engagement of First Nations, the oil and gas industry, and individuals from landowner, municipal, and environmental groups. Between March 31 and October 1, 2010 the task force hosted three rounds of engagement through a series of briefings, meetings, workshops and a forum. Engagement Summaries;

A goal of the Alberta Competitiveness Actexternal link icon is to create effective regulatory systems that deliver the results Albertans want and that provide clarity, predictability, certainty and efficiency.

The Competitiveness Review of the natural gas and conventional oil sectors found that the regulatory system currently in place in Alberta has become increasingly complex and is characterized by a lack of integrated policies and delivery mechanisms.

In response to the review, the task force was established to oversee regulatory improvement efforts by the Alberta government. Diana McQueen, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy and MLA for Drayton Valley-Calmar, chairs the Task Force. Vice-chairs of the Task Force are Parliamentary Assistants for Alberta Environment and MLA for Red Deer South, Cal Dallas, and for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Evan Berger, MLA for Livingstone-Macleod.

The task force was instructed to make recommendations in the following areas:

  • Policy Integration Framework – Recommendations to resolve any gaps, overlaps, inconsistencies and duplications in Alberta’s strategic provincial policies around the oil, gas and oil sands sectors, and potentially other resource sectors.
  • Policy Assurance System – Recommendations for an enhanced policy assurance (regulatory delivery) system with performance measures and benchmarks.
  • Implementation Strategies – Recommendations on the critical issues relating to implementation of an enhanced system.

A progress report, Enhancing Assurance: The First 90 DaysPDF icon was released in June 2010 which identified how the Alberta government was pursuing the review and successes that had been achieved on specific enhancements.