The Comprehensive Regional Infrastructure Sustainability Plan (CRISP) for the Cold Lake Oil Sands Area (CLOSA)map was led by the Oil Sands Sustainable Development Secretariat of Alberta Energy. A number of provincial ministries, stakeholder groups, First Nations and Métis have provided support in the development of this plan.

The CRISP Plan for the Cold Lake Oil Sands Area 2011 is below.

Developing the CRISP

Development of the CLOSA CRISP began in early 2011. There was an extensive dialogue with a
Core Planning Team which had representatives from key Government of Alberta ministries; a
Community Advisory Group with representatives from 14 communities and municipalities within
the CLOSA; and, an External Advisory Group with representatives from industry, First Nations,
Métis, and community stakeholder groups. A number of public open houses were also held across
the region.

Through consultation and technical analysis, a series of potential growth and infrastructure
scenarios for the region were explored. These scenarios considered various options and
approaches for accommodating and servicing future growth in the region with respect to
settlement, transportation, water, wastewater, utilities, healthcare and education.

Other Maps

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