Responsible Actions: A Plan for Alberta’s Oil Sands

Responsible Actions report coverAlberta’s oil sands offer tremendous economic opportunity for the province and the country. The Government of Alberta’s vision for responsible oil sands development involves responsible management of this valuable resource in a way that protects the environment, optimizes economic growth and future development, and enhances the lives of Albertans now and in the future

Responsible Actions: A Plan for Alberta’s Oil Sands outlines an integrated approach for all levels of government, for industry, and for communities to address the economic, social and environmental challenges and opportunities in the oil sands regions. In the near term, it identifies priority actions, some of which are already underway, to address immediate challenges associated with oil sands development. The plan also looks to the future to guide long-term investment in social and physical infrastructure and innovative technology, and to reduce the environmental footprint associated with oil sands development.

This 20-year plan was based on extensive stakeholder consultations described in Investing in our Future: Responding to the Rapid Growth of Oil Sands Development, the Multistakeholder Committee Final Report, and the Aboriginal Consultation Final Report. Responsible Actions also builds on existing Alberta government policies, programs, and initiatives, particularly theProvincial Energy Strategy and Land-use Framework. Regular reporting on the Government of Alberta’s progress in achieving our vision will occur and will provide accountability in helping us reach our goals.

    Responsible Actions

    Annual Progress Reports

The Annual Progress Reports highlight key activities from the each past year from over 50 projects and initiatives that work towards the development of Alberta’s oil sands in a responsible and sustainable way, while supporting research and innovation, and clean, healthy and vibrant communities in the oil sands regions.

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