Oil Sands Sustainable Development Secretariat

The Oil Sands Sustainable Development Secretariat (Secretariat) collaborates with ministries, industry, communities and stakeholders to address the social, infrastructure, environmental and economic impacts of rapid growth issues in the oil sands regions of Alberta.

photo of oil sands in gloved hands courtesy of Suncor Energy Inc.

The Comprehensive Regional Infrastructure Sustainability Plans (CRISP) for Alberta’s three oil sands regions are a primary focus for the Secretariat. The Secretariat works with ministries, other governments and stakeholders to ensure an integrated policy approach, information sharing and communication on an ongoing basis.
(Photo: Courtesy of Suncor Energy Inc.)

A key activity to date has been the Urban Development Sub-region. Announced in 2013, the Alberta Government released more than 55,000 acres of Crown Land for urban expansion in Fort McMurray.Aerial photo of Fort McMurray courtesy of Suncrude Canada

Development of the CRISPs were identified as part of Responsible Actions: A Plan for Alberta's Oil Sands, which outlined an integrated approach to address the economic, social and environmental challenges and 

(Photo: Courtesy of Syncrude Canada Ltd.)

opportunities in the oil sands regions. Released in 2009, the plan set a 20-year vision to make Alberta a global leader in the innovative, responsible, and collaborative development of oil sands.

The Secretariat is currently developing a monitoring framework tool to help decision makers monitor the medium and long-term impacts of oil sands development on regional infrastructure and resources and anticipate release of this in the 2015/16 fiscal period. As the CRISPs are long-term (to 2045) regional growth will need to be monitored over time against actual regional economic conditions with this information feeding back into planning and funding cycles.

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