Provincial Energy Strategy

The Provincial Energy Strategy charts the course of Alberta’s energy future. The strategy is a long- term action plan for Alberta to achieve clean energy production, wise energy use and sustained economic prosperity.

Our vision is that Alberta will remain a global energy leader, recognized as a responsible world-class energy supplier; an energy technology champion; a sophisticated energy consumer; and a solid global environmental citizen.

Energy development supports a strong Alberta economy. We will continue to encourage responsible clean production of fossil fuels, development of complementary alternative and renewable energy, and the wise use and conservation of energy.

Implementation of the strategy by the Government of Alberta includes energy related activity by multiple Government departments over short-term, medium-term and long-term horizons.

On December 11, 2008 the Provincial Energy Strategy was announced .

Launching Alberta's Energy Future - Provincial Energy Strategy (pdf version 978-0-7785-6333-4)

1. Introduction and Content

2. Alberta's Energy Vision

3. Outcomes

  • Clean Energy Production
  • Wise Energy Use
  • Sustained Economic Prosperity

4. Levers

5. Implementation

6. It is Time

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