Department of Energy Key Initiatives

On May 24, 2015 a new Cabinet was appointedexternal link iconMargaret McCuaig-Boyd became the Minister of Energy.

The following priority initiatives were previously set for Energy:

  • Alberta's market access
  • Energy strategy development
  • Sustainable energy and mineral development;
  • Enable research based partnerships with energy focused institutions and Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions;
  • Evaluate whether major projects in Alberta are profitable and identify opportunities that may attract investment;
  • Continue the development of the electricity framework; and
  • Work with industry and other stakeholders to support the production of higher value energy products from raw resources.

Energy Initiatives:


Energy Strategies

The Provincial and Canadian energy strategy discussions will help build the future of energy development. Learn more

Carbon Capture and Storage

Successful CCS implementation is expected to reduce annual CO2 release substantially. Learn more.

Innovative Technologies

encourages development.