Department of Energy Key Initiatives

On May 24, 2015 a new Cabinet was appointedexternal link iconMargaret McCuaig-Boyd became the Minister of Energy.

The following priority initiatives were previously set for Energy:

  • Alberta's market access
  • Energy strategy development
  • Sustainable energy and mineral development;
  • Enable research based partnerships with energy focused institutions and Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions;
  • Evaluate whether major projects in Alberta are profitable and identify opportunities that may attract investment;
  • Continue the development of the electricity framework; and
  • Work with industry and other stakeholders to support the production of higher value energy products from raw resources.

Energy Initiatives:


Energy Strategies

The Provincial Energy Strategy and Canadian Energy strategy discussions will address the present—and offer us a roadmap to the future—of energy development. Learn more

Carbon Capture and Storage

Successful CCS implementation is expected to reduce annual CO2 release substantially. Learn more.

Innovative Technologies

encourages development.