Department of Energy Key Initiatives

On September 15, 2014 a new Cabinet was appointedexternal link iconFrank Oberle became the Minister of Energy.

The following priority initiatives were previously set for Energy:

  1. Rebalanced Fiscal Framework: reduces the reliance on volatile non-renewable resource revenue in funding essential programs and services for Albertans.
    • Restore the Sustainability Fund and, with Albertans' input, renew the Alberta Heritage Savings Fund.
    • Review all government programs and services through Results-based Budgeting.
  2. Integrated Resource System: sets and achieves the environmental, economic and social outcomes Albertans expect from resource development and maintains the social licence to develop resources.
    • Complete regional plans and the implementation of the Regulatory Enhancement Project, including the development of a single regulator for oil and gas.
    • Develop a world-class monitoring system to provide transparent, reliable information on achievement of outcomes.
  3. Expanded Market Access: contributes to the sustainability of the province's export driven economy.
    • Develop new access (e.g. through pipelines and rail) to markets outside the United States. 

Energy Initiatives:

Provincial Energy Strategy

The Provincial Energy Strategy will address the present—and offer us a roadmap to the future—of energy development in Alberta. Learn more.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Successful CCS implementation is expected to reduce annual CO2 release substantially. Learn more.

Innovative Technologies

encourages development.