What is Energy Processing?



Upgrading---the process of converting heavy oil or bitumen into synthetic crude oil (SCO)-- plays a major role in the development of Alberta’s oil sands. Upgrading is a fundamental step between the upstream extraction of oil sands bitumen and the downstream refined and petrochemical products that are consumed in the marketplace.

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Refining---the process of converting conventional and synthetic crude oil into oil-based products and petrochemical feedstock -- plays a major role in the development of Alberta’s energy sector. Without refining, Alberta’s hydrocarbon value chain would be limited to production and sale of bitumen and synthetic crude oil.
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Polyethylene cord and rope, flexible packaging material, polystyrene cups and other consumer products, such as nylon and plastics are all examples of materials made from petrochemicals - products used in our day-to-day lives. Read more

Energy Processing FAQs

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Energy Processing Statistics

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Energy Processing Facts

Alberta is Canada’s leading producer of petrochemicals with a production capacity of 8.6 billion pounds per year. If you are looking for more interesting facts on petrochemicals, this section will provide it for you. Read more