Petrochemicals Diversification Program

The Petrochemicals Diversification Program will encourage companies to invest in the development of new Alberta petrochemical facilities by providing up to $500 million in incentives through royalty credits. The program, announced †on
February 1, 2016, is part of the governmentís continued action on the economy, helping to create jobs, attract investment and diversify Albertaís economy. The deadline for applications was April 22, 2016.

Building on Alberta's large supply of methane and propane, the program will capitalize on the growing global demand for related higher value products and promote greater energy processing right here in Alberta.

The benefits of this program are significant to Alberta workers and their families:† between $3 billion and $5 billion worth of investment attracted to Alberta, up to 3,000 new jobs during construction of new petrochemical facilities, and more than 1,000 jobs once operation begins.

Petrochemicals Diverstification Program fact sheet

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