What you need to know about: choosing electricity providers and options


Plug question mark and sockets photo Albertans can choose their electricity provider and rate plan. You have the option to choose between your regulated rate provider and power retailers. This option to stay with your regulated rate provider will continue to be available.

There are different electricity products, with different rates, terms and services, and some will suit Albertans’ needs and budgets better than others.

Alberta's Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) provides detailed information on rate plans, price summaries and electricity providers contact information. Rate plans can include stable rate plans, “green” energy purchase plans and bundled plans for both electricity and natural gas.

Regulated rate companies offer the Regulated Rate Option (RRO). This is the default rate, which varies month to month and is based on short and long-term market prices.

Choosing Your Electricity Provider - Frequently Asked Questions

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