2011 Carbon Capture and Storage Detailed reports

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Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Project

Enhance Energy Inc. and  North West Redwater Partnership  Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Project

Detailed Report PDF icon

Appendix APDF icon

  • Appendix I: Agrium CRF Block Flow Diagram
  • Appendix II: Agrium CRF Heat & Mass Balance
  • Appendix III: Agrium CRF Measurement Point Block Diagram
  • Appendix IV: Agrium CRF Energy Boundary Block Diagram
  • Appendix V: Agrium CRF Produced Water Analysis Report
  • Appendix VI: Agrium CRF Plot Plan
  • Appendix VII: ERCB ACTL Base Maps
  • Appendix VIII: ACTL Block Valve Schematic

Appendix BPDF icon

  • Appendix IX: Clive D-2A & D-3A Water Injection History
  • Appendix X: Geological Illustrations for Clive Reservoirs
  • Appendix XI: Enhance ACTL Project Schedule
  • Appendix XII: Dialogue & Public Awareness (ERCB Application)


Quest Project

Shell Canada Energy, Chevron Canada Limited, Marathon Oil Canada Corporation


Basic Design and Engineering Package PDF icon

Pipeline Appendix 1 PDF icon

  • Appendix A: Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Appendix B: Process Flow Scheme
  • Appendix C: Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Appendix D: Line Pipe Specifications
  • Appendix E: Piping Material Specifications
  • Appendix F: Coating Specifications
  • Appendix G: Control Narrative
  • Appendix H: Cause and Effect Diagrams (Shutdown Key)
  • Appendix I: Instrument Index

Pipeline Appendix 2 PDF icon

  • Appendix J: Alignment Sheets and Crossing Drawings
  • Appendix K: Line List
  • Appendix L: Regulations, Codes and Standards

Pipeline Appendix 3 PDF icon

  • Appendix 9A: Soils and Terrain Baseline

Pipeline Appendix 4 PDF icon

  • Appendix 9A continued: Soils and Terrain Baseline

Process Flow Diagram Part 1 for Amine Absorber PDF icon

Process Flow Diagram Part 2 for Amine Absorber PDF icon

Piping and Instrument Diagram Appendix PDF icon     

Heat and Material Balance Appendix PDF icon    

Amine Unit Basic Design Package Appendix PDF icon  

Mechanical Equipment List Appendix PDF icon   

Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit Cause and Effect Appendix PDF icon

Utility Summary Appendix PDF icon    

Battery Limit Interface

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Energy Management Plan PDF icon

Quantifying Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Benefits PDF icon

Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit Material Balances PDF icon

Oil Sands Conservation Act Amendment and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act Approvals for the Carbon Capture Infrastructure PDF icon

Update to the Amendment Application for the Oil Sands Conservation Act (OSCA) and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) Approvals for the Carbon Capture Infrastructure PDF icon

Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit and Chemical Feed Compression Process Flow Diagrams PDF icon

Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit:

Response to the Supplemental Information Request from Alberta Environment (all PDF icon ) Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Site and Plot Plans

Technology Selection Report PDF icon



Corrosion Control Manual 

Corrosion Management Framework PDF icon

Directive 56: Application for a CO2 Pipeline Licence Update(all PDF icon ) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Pipeline Construction and Operation Pamphlet

Quest Pipelines Flow and Flow Assurance Design and Operability Report



3D Seismic Backgrounder Pamphlet PDF icon

Quantitative Risk Assessment

Directive 65: Application for a CO2 Acid Gas Storage Scheme Update PDF icon

Generation-4 Integrated

Independent Project Review of Storage Component of the CCS Project PDF icon


Value Chain

Net CO2 Amount Calculation PDF icon


Costs and Revenues

2011 Costs and Revenues PDF icon

Government of Alberta Detailed Report Government Funding PDF icon

Regulatory Approvals Capture, Transportation, Storage, and CCS Value Chain PDF icon

Project Overview Government of Alberta Detailed Report Supplementary Information PDF icon


General Documents

Quest CCS project overview PDF icon Brochure

About Shell in Canada PDF icon Fact Sheet

Shell Scotford PDF icon Brochure