Regulatory Enhancement

The Responsible Energy Development Actexternal link icon passed in 2012, is a one - stop approach making it easier for Albertans and industry to navigate the system.

The Alberta Energy Regulatorexternal link icon (AER), a single regulator for upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal projects in the province is responsible for regulating energy resource developments from initial application to reclamation, and it is a key pillar in Alberta’s integrated resource management system.

Enhancements include;

  • New Services for Landowners, AER has authority over all decision and review processes, and there are provisions for applying to the Court of Appeal. Under this new system, the decision -  making process will be streamlined. Landowners can ask the AER to determine if industry is complying with the terms and conditions of the agreement. If the AER finds that industry is not complying, it may issue an order directing industry to comply.
  • Strong Environmental Enforcement, the AER will have increased fines at its disposal for companies who are not operating in accordance with agreements. The AER will be responsible for enforcing all legislation related to energy resources, including land and water acts.
  • Consultation with Aboriginal Albertans the duty to consult and engage with First Nations and Aboriginal people across the province rests with the Crown.

Alberta has a regulatory system that benefits Alberta’s and Canada’s economy. The most visible component of the Regulatory Enhancement Task Force recommendations was to establish the AER, however work is moving ahead on the other recommendations.

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