Energy Industry Documents

Historical Royalty Data from 1994 to the present is updated before September first each year.

ST 98 Alberta's Energy Reserves Supply/Demand Outlook  Each June the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) publishes a report that includes estimates of reserves for crude bitumen, crude oil, conventional natural gas, coalbed methane, natural gas liquids, coal, and sulphur for the province, it also forecasts supply and demand.

Industry activity reports are available.

Gasoline PricesPDF icon (July 2015)
Gasoline prices are determined in the competitive marketplace by the forces of supply and demand, which vary between regions, cities and neighborhoods.

Alberta Energy Quick FactsPDF icon (January 2017)
This fact sheet highlights oil, natural gas, investment, pipelines, coal, electricity and revenue.

Environmental ActionsPDF icon (July 2015)
This fact sheet lists statistics for Greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and what Alberta is doing to limit impacts on the environment.

Memorandum of Understanding - British Columbia - Alberta - Saskatchewan - Collaboration on Energy InitiativesPDF icon (December 2010)

This six page Energy Industry Overview (2012) features information on Oil, Natural Gas, Petrochemicals,  Hydrocarbon Resources and Coal and Minerals.

Oil and Gas Fiscal Regimes 2011 summarizes the petroleum fiscal regimes for the western provinces and territories.

Alberta's Royalty System - Jurisdictional ComparisonPDF icon (Price Waterhouse Coopers 2009) Released with the Alberta Energy Annual ReportPDF icon this compares royalties across Canada and internationally to royalties in Alberta.

The Hydrocarbon Upgrading Task Force (HUTF) and related reports 2004 - 2009
The industry/government Task Force was established to explore synergies of other competitive opportunities with the refining and petrochemical industries.

The monthly energy update was discontinued in February of 2016, tenure sales statistics are offered in this site.  Other resources used to complete the report were sourced from MJ Ervin & Associates, Canadian Oil well Drilling Contractors, Direct Energy, AltaGas, Reuters, GLJ Consultant and NetEnergy.    

Additional reports are available in the Science and Innovation section of this site or contact Alberta Government Librariesexternal link icon for more Alberta government reports.

Alberta Major Projects

The Inventory of Major Alberta Projects is produced by Alberta Finance and Enterprise to assist firms in identifying potential supply opportunities.

Alberta Major Projects (Alberta