Royalty Review Panel Consultation

The work of the panel was guided by a mandate to identify ways to:

  • Provide optimal returns to Albertans as owners of the resource,
  • Continue to encourage industry investment,
  • Encourage diversification opportunities such as value-added processing, innovation or other forms of investment in Alberta, and
  • Support responsible development of the resource.

     Public Engagement

The public engagement involved a dialogue with Albertans which took place through the website,; community sessions in locations around the province; a telephone town hall; and many meetings with individuals and communities in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Public consultation finished in December 2015.

     Technical Engagement

The technical review involved the use of three expert groups, aimed at examining specific mechanics of the royalty framework.

To support the technical review, the Panel engaged energy data analytics firms Wood Mackenzie and GLJ Petroleum Consultants, which researched and provided technical, financial and economic data regarding Alberta’s resource development opportunities and those of other jurisdictions.

     Final consultation numbers

  • 64,927 individual visits to (agency commissioned site)
  • 7,217 responses to questions asked by the panel
  • 132 submitted documents
  • 65+ meetings with key stakeholder groups, including the energy industry, First Nations, labour groups, financial institutions, universities and students, and environmental organizations
  • 4 public engagement sessions in Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Calgary and Edmonton that had 550 attendees
  • 22,710 attendees on a telephone town hall
  • 5 “What the Panel Heard” summaries to inform additional dialogue with the public

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